Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spanish Past Paper

spanish paper 02 

"read more" for CSEC Spanish Past Paper 02 January 2015, included are

Section II: Letter/Composition
Section III: Contextual Announcement/Contextual Dialogue
Section IV: Reading Comprehension

Section IV
Reading Comprehension

Translation Sample

Traveling by plane with Gatiana is an unforgettable experience because she has a tremendous fear of flying.

Recently, I had the misfortune of traveling for the first time Gatiana back from a conference at Trinidad. Gatiana asked an employee of the airline to give him a seat next to me, since I would need it.


Recientemente, tuve la mala fortuna de viajar por primera vez con Gatiana de regreso de una conferencia en Trinidad.  Gatiana le pidio a la empleada de la aerolinea que le diera una silla junto a mi, ya que me iba a necesitar.