Saturday, May 16, 2015

English A - Essay Topics

English creative writing  topics Eassy - Download

Write an essay using the following sentences.

1.       “When I opened my eyes she was standing in front me with a smile.”
2.       “That was my worst performance ever, but somehow the judges really enjoyed it”
3.       “Opportunities like this only happen once in a life time”
4.       “I had to run, run, run… it is the only option in this situation”
5.       “Before my eyes was the creature, all I could do was…”
6.       “Time was is counting down, she needs to…”
7.       “I threw the book at them, but they showed no reaction”
8.       “On the final level disaster stuck”
9.       “What do you want from the lunch menu the lady asked with a smile”

1.   “I always tell myself that blood is thicker than water”

Section D
Answer ONE question in this section

Your answer in this section should be approximately 250 to 300 words in length.

You MUST write in Standard English.

7. Speaker A: "Obedience must be part of our daily lives."
    Speaker B: "Great revolutionaries were not obedient people."

Write an essay supporting the views of EITHER Speaker A OR Speaker B.  (35 marks) 

8. Sexual and violent songs should be banned from the radio and television.

Write an essay giving your views on this statement.        (35 marks)

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